Monday, November 25, 2019

An Investigation of the Impact of Wireless Networks on Business essays

An Investigation of the Impact of Wireless Networks on Business essays Wireless technologies represent a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for providing access to the networks for the workplace community. Employees, clients, and customers increasingly want service and network access from various places inside and outside the company. There has been significant interest lately for all businesses to set up mobile computing workplaces for their employees and also mobile computing for other functions of the business from distributors, suppliers, and service providers. The industry has recently made significant progress in wireless technology in resolving some constraints that have affected the widespread adoption of wireless technologies. Some of these constraints have included disparate standards, low bandwidth, and high infrastructure and service cost. Wireless technologies can both support the organizational company mission and provide cost effective solutions. Wireless is being adopted for many new applications such as to connect comp uters, to allow remote monitoring and data acquisition, to provide control and security, and to provide a solution for environments where wires may not be the best implementation. Wide Area Network Coverage(cell phones/PDAs) The lack of integrated networking in PDAs isn't surprising given the variety of choices available. Users can use with third-party tools, and manufacturers don't have to offer as many models or gamble on which technologies will be more popular. Instead, the expansion ports on new models let people choose from a fast-growing field of accessories. Adding these peripherals are costly and the result is painstaking, but at least you can piece together a solution. Personal area networks in close proximity to an individual let you transfer personal data among devices. For example, if you connect your PDA and digital phone with cables or by wireless signals, you've set up a PAN. Cables are used most commonly today, followed by infrared, bu...

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